The UNVERIFIED Stripboard Lounge

@willow2x I have a couple of comments below, I have only checked the stripboard layout, and have assumed the schematic works.

  • It looks to me like the yellow Tri and pink Sqr cables from the stripboard are transposed. The Tri should be from pin 1, and the Sqr from pin 7.

  • It looks like one of the potentiometers is reversed, on the schematic, both pots have pin 1 leading to ground, pin 3 as the input.

  • The label R1 on the breadboard is R12 on the schematic. This may cause some future confusion.

  • The LED and diode lables have been changed, due to the use of two back to back led’s, D2 and D3 should be the labels for the power protection diodes. It is also not clear on the stripboard layout of the required orientation.


@Dave Thanks for the advice, ive reworked the schem.
I tried to make it a bit clearer on the TRI/SQR wave paths, Added some labels and added some info on the bottom.
LED should also be a BiPolar one, but i think this should work still, same as on Sams MS20-LPF

Thanks for the pointers, Hows it looking?


Looking good, the only thing I can see is you have D1 & D2 as 1N4007 in the picture, but LED’s in the BOM, and vise vera, a simple switch of annotations will solve this.

This should be fine


I would also add the source of the schem :slight_smile:


On the pic or in here? I did link it in an earlier post, but I guess if the pic gets saved then it would help


yes on the image, for the designer and practical if we have downloaded the image and we want to consult the original schem (or if you have a lot of schem in your folder, and several LFO …)

btw :wink:


Got another on for the not verified layouts, seems simple enough =)
its a Quad Attenuverter from
I think this will be one of my next builds, Definitely on a modulation binge now =D



Mutable/ Music Thing - Ears by Slowroom MUTABLE INSTRUMENTS EARS - SLOWROOM

I’ve built this as per layout but it is not functioning correctly. I consulted the original schematic and can see there are decoupling capacitors on it which are missing from the stripboard layout (Slowroom likes to solder them underneath the board to save space.)

Original Schem:

Ears Capacitors

I am having a hard time understanding where the Caps go from the schem if anyone wouyld like to help,

There seems to be a ground connection missing from the 2nd board also.


Bypass capacitors go from each IC power pin (±12 V) to ground and should be located as close as possible to the power pin.

Ground connection to the second board can be made to any strip that has a black wire attached.

Please mark unverified layouts as such on the graphic:


Excellent, I will just give it a try. The circuit can be acting weird without these, right ?

I wasn’t certain of which lm324 (there are two) leg 11 goes to ground and which goes to 100nf cap to ground etc.

The gate and env LEDs are just staying solidly lit, no signs of triggering.

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The bypass caps should not have any gross effect. Honestly they rarely make any perceptible difference.

However the absence of a ground connection on the middle board can mess things up.


A layout of David Haillant’s Simple LFO. Currently unverified, will aim to build soon.

Potentially a much better alternative to the ‘System 100’ LFO layout that’s been doing the rounds for a while. I included the ‘System 100’ version in a recent build and have been disappointed. As I note in the pic it’s available on Tindie for very little money, but I needed a stripboard variant.

Compared to the ‘System 100’ LFO, this has a rate knob that doesn’t affect the amplitude of the triangle wave, and similar amplitude square and triangle waves.


Hi all ! A friend of mine gave me a schematic of a dub siren to build, that’s actually my first time transferring a schematic to a stripboard and I’m not sure if it’s good or if I’ve done a terrible job, so before soldering everything and blowing sh* t up I thought I could share the layout I came up with.
If you’ve got any time to take a look at it that would be awesome !
Thanks anyway, learning a lot on this forum.
(* I particularly struggled positioning pots and leds on one side off the stripboard like I’m seeing on most layouts I found.)

The schematic : Num-risation-20230124-2 hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB

My Layout :

Have a great day !

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The top left pair of LEDs don’t look right to me, all 4 legs of the LEDs are on the same rail. Don’t know if u missed tome trace cuts or they’re meant to have ground somewhere else =)
That’s all I noticed, might be other stuff, haven’t seen the schem.

Edit: Can be fixed with a few tracecuts in-between led annode/cathode and in-between the resistors legs.


also here

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Yep forgot those and other traces :sweat: , I will change that, thx !

Ooh, and pin 1 of the left side 555 doesn’t go anywhere, should be gnd or vcc =)


You’re right I think it should be ground as it connects to nothing on the schematic, thx.

I’ve only just realised I was a month late with my layout for this… don’t know I how I missed yours! Did you build it in the end? I haven’t got round to building mine yet.

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Oh no I’ve not been building lately, forgot about a few of these. I’ve made a simple one with less features. I’ll add this to my todo list again =D