The KiCad 9 Thread

What the team hopes to get into KiCad v9:

  • More work on shape tools in Footprint/PCB Editor
  • A real API that’s more flexible and not only limited to the PCB Editor
  • (If I understood correctly) Reusable PCB design blocks
  • More differential pair improvements (dragging and UI changes)
  • Lay down work for reusable schematic blocks
  • Customizable toolbars
  • Import wizard for migrating projects from other tools

(v8 is due in February 2024, v9 presumably February 2025)

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9?? Did I miss 8?

Reusable blocks would be great, sure you can sort of cut and shut it but it would be nice to just pick from my library of badly implemented cludges.

Rob :slight_smile:

Oh have they pushed back the API again? I was looking forward to that.