Suggestions for part-suppliers in germany?

For a while i repaired vintage audio modules and built 19" racks for them. We used to order parts from

They may not be the cheapest but delivery inside germany is very fast.

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Yeah! It’s crazy fast! I ordered rotary switches there at 7 or 8 in the evening and they arrived the next day before noon!!

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Thats enlightening, and i should have been able to guess that xD
And i later realized that the literal document from the two modules i bought,
that comes with them, is called BOM… well well well

Ah well and if that helps in any way its the :

  • 1145
  • 2399

Well that would be crazy help !

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Thanks for the reminder, I use the UK RS site from time to time. They seem to be good for transformers!

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I have to copy it into here, cause i cant really bend my mind about this situation, and i feel a little bit lost with my current base of information…

I am in the phase of case planning, and i wonder if i can screw the Kosmo Modules into eurorack rails?

Of course with noting, that they are way taller.

That way i could buy the rails from the same supplier and make a combicase with difference in height but everything out of one family of components.

If anybody could Clear that up, i would be super grateful !

No reason why not. The one problem is the LMNC VCF apparently has different vertical hole spacing than the others so to mount that on the same rails would require drilling new panel holes, I suppose. Other than that all the LMNC modules use 3.2 mm diameter holes 194 mm apart.

Because the modules have metric widths, Kosmo isn’t really compatible with HP-spaced threaded inserts. You’d need to use slide nuts.

See Kosmo Specification (and follow up with further questions in that topic).

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You certainly can, but I would advise using slide nuts in order to avoid wide gaps between modules. You may need to enlarge some holes to get them to line up horizontally, but really just the performance filter out of Sam’s modules. A standard 19" rack size (84 HP) fits about 42.5 cm worth of modules.

Here’s my 5 U rack using Vector rails:


There is also

Banzai dauert manchmal etwas länger !

Have Fun

Well yes !
Nice for mentioning the second one. I didnt know that one.

I just got my mind that far, that i could realise, that there is the easy possibility of sending the BOM to the shops support and just ask directly if they can provide the stuff !
Well that makes everything a WHOLE lot easier :full_moon_with_face:

Thanks for all the replies !
I have to take a look at the Build suggestions :slight_smile:

Ah well nice :slight_smile:
I want to use “sliders” eitherway so, thats fitting already then.

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It’s been some time that you asked, i just stumbled across this… I am very pleased with… super fast delivery and many components are quite cheap in comparison. i use to buy resistors, caps, etc. there


Welcome @S2NR , thanks for sharing.

Hatte ich schon meinen absoluten Lieblingsladen erwähnt ? Schnelle Lieferung WENIG Versandkosten und schneller Versand. Wenn man zuviel Porto bezahlt hat, liegt der Bestellung ein kleines Tütchen mit dem restlichen Geld bei, sehr cool. Manchmal sind auch ein paar Gummibärchen dabei :slight_smile:

  1. Order already placed at “uk-electronics” !
    Super Laden :sunny:

Sag ich doch :wink:
Für Kleinteile wie Widerstände und Kondensatoren, die man erst in 5-6 Wochen braucht, würd ich dir Tayda empfehlen, die haben wirklich so gut wie alles und es ist scheiße günstig, dauert aber eben. UK hat übrigens oft sehr coole Potikappen im Angebot, musste einfach mal durchstöbern.

Grüße Thomas

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Merci !
Das werd ich mir hinter die Ohren schreiben :slight_smile:

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Da siehstes aber nicht mehr :laughing:

holy moley.
Du hast recht !

Moin an die deutschen Kosmos verrückten :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I got another sourcing question… so i decided to power my case with two frequency central microbuses… however I really struggle to find a good or fitting transformer that delivered the needed 12V AC (and in the best case is easy to screw into the back of my case)

Does anyone from Germany maybe have a tip where did you get yours or how do you power your modules…?

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I use this one:

Single coil:

Split coil:

TME has a ton of stuff, transformers to your hearts desire: