Store ReStock of Modulation Station?

@lookmumnocomputer or anyone else know or heard if Sam’s store is going to restock the modulation station PCBs? I finally went tonight to make a purchase of that and the reverb PCBs only to find the Modulation Station was sold out. :frowning: Shipping is so expensive that I’d like to wait on buying the reverb PCBs until the modulation station is restocked (crossing my fingers that it will be.)

General PCB design and production was discussed on the live stream last night, Sam lost his Mojo for it after the laptop screen got broken. But now he’s out gigging again he needs to fix some DIY modules and rather than do that he’s going to do some more new designs ( hopefully ).

So perhaps that may also lead to other modules being update or just restocked.

I still have to get my Quad LFO working right as it just sounds distorted ATM.


hey @popflier i have a couple of modulation station pcb’s here. send us an email computer at lookmumnocomputer dot com , will be able to look into it tomorrow. i dont have enough of them to send to the store but can probs sort out for you


Thanks Sam. I just sent you an email about it.

Hey Sam…I sent you an email about 2 weeks ago about this. However, I’m not sure if you received it, which is why I am checking in here again with you. Completely understand if you’re busy and not gotten around to responding yet. I just want to make sure there wasn’t an email issue, which seems to be something of a regular occurrence in my life. Lucky me! :laughing: