"spongy" controller


I came across this video :
(I hope it isn’t geographically limited)

From around 2:35:00 (Yes that’s 2hours 35minutes) there is a strange input controller,
it is some spongy surface, you can sometimes see the performer press his fingers quite deep into it.

Anybody has some idea what it is ?

Hard to see from the video, but maybe it’s one of these?

Slim Continuums — Haken Audio

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Yes, must be something like that.
Probably an older version, no red stripes.

The current version is for aliens or mutants :
“the playing surface can track up to 16 simultaneous fingers as standard”

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Starting at $4910 !

Or two accident prone people.

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Or someone messing around with radioactive materials…


As the saying go:
“Several years ago, I found the decimal system great.
But since I started woodworking, I find octal more natural now…”

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