SOT 363 soldering

Is there anyone out there who could solder some BC847BS in SOT 363 format ( very small ) to a VCA PCB , I have 3 PCBs and maybe 5 more soon , there is one BC847BS per board , I will pay for the service , PCBs and BC847BS supplied by me , at 66 years old my eye sight is not what it used to be . these are the boards .


I can do it for free but I live in Germany, so it depends on the shipping time/cost you are willing to invest :wink:


thank you very much for the offer , time is no great deal , but the cost of shipping both ways is ÂŁ 25 ish ( about 28 euros , so a bit to much for me



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Apologies if this is obvious, but if you have trouble finding someone, have you tried using a head mounted magnifier? Granted I have not done much SMD, but for what I’ve done, and even for some through hole work, at age 67 I find mine invaluable.

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no apologies needed…lol , through hole is no problem , I have a helping hands with magnifying glass.

Helping Hands

Still my eyes are rubbish , with through hole work , my close up glasses are ok , but the SOT 363 , is a no no

Maybe you have a maker’s space in your town ?
There will probably be someone able to help you there.

Hey Daryll, just for your information: I am sure the weight of the PCBs will not exceed 500g, so sending it (at least back via German Post - International Letter) is 3.70 EUR:

Screenshot 2023-05-21 at 09.34.46

Here are some details

I will take you up on that offer.
I need your address , you can send by email , more secure than an open forum.

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Crazy how it varies. 500 g large envelope from USA to Germany is $26.95.


SOT-363 is super easy once you get the hang of it!!

I just got some SOT-363 breakout boards made and boy howdy those pads are small and close together! Hadn’t really registered how much tinier than e.g. SOIC-8 it is. @tamasgal, @d42kn355, are you doing them with an iron or hot plate or oven or hot air or what? I have a hard time imagining using an iron. (And yes, the footprint is called “SOT-363_SC-70-6_Handsoldering” …)

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I prefer solder paste and hot plate and use a microscope. Hot air is a bit dangerous because you can easily blow it away but it’s doable with low flow settings and preheating.


I did these PMP4201y breakouts for a ladder filters with paste and hot air on low flow settings, the magic of reflow soldering is a joy to behold:


they are incredibly simple to drag solder once you get the hang of it!
I only use hot air for removing things for the most part lol
I just make sure to keep my syringe of flux near by and use minimal solder.

I do not add solder to 1 pin and yada yada like i do with IC’s since they are so tiny.
For me, I like to apply the flux, set the transistor pair (thats what mine usually are) on the pads, hold really lightly with a fine tipped tweezers and drag solder one side and double check the alignment then drag solder the other side!

lol… they’re even more fun to kludge to when you forget a resistor lolol


Are you talking about heating the footprint before placing the part?

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Yes, I preheat after applying the paste and placing the part(s).

The idea is to raise the temperature of the whole area (to like 175degC) so that it only needs a bit more heat applied locally via hot air to melt the solder. By slowly preheating, the thermal stress on the board is reduced greatly.

Btw. I recommend applying the paste using a scalpel - blade no. 11, that works really nicely for me, for projects where I don’t have a stencil :slight_smile:


These came in yesterday

Very proud of myself for thinking to include a place to write the part number


Yeah, you can get away with hand soldering the SOIC-8s with sufficient care, but I personally lack the steady hand and the gimlet eye required for such undertakings on the 363.


I would publicly like to thank Tamas Gal for soldering the chips on the board , really first class work , right , out with the soldering iron and finish these boards…


Glad you like them, have fun! :smiley:

Speaking of “breakout/adapter boards”, @analogoutput I have something similar for the SOP packaged LM13700 (which you still can source for 1 EUR):

Screenshot 2023-07-21 at 18.15.55