Silly capacitor problem

So… This is probably a silly question, but I’ve come to think of this as a safe place…

I’m building some Barton BMc57 slew/s&h kits, and I goofed up one of my orders. The parts I ordered have the correct .47 uf capacitance, but they’re rated for 275 volts, and they’re bigger than the boards I want to put them on.

This is the capacitor that actually does the voltage storing for the sample and hold.

Is there any reason why I can’t just solder on some jumpers and use these? They’re going behind a Kosmo panel, so there’s plenty of room back there…


Whoa those are big boys! Supposedly it isn’t a problem to go with a higher rated cap


whaaouu, after the quest for big knob , here’s : the big cap ! :smile:


Do you have any 1u’s? Two 1uf in series is .5uf. Probably better than using one of those monsters :rofl:

Or two 220nf in parellel is .44uf


I’ve read that in the long term it’s not great to use caps rated for a very much higher voltage than needed. I’m not sure I buy that but that’s what they say. Still, they’d be fine in the short term — and these only need to be used until you get more suitable caps, right?


I might try that in parallel trick.

In theory, if what I do works I’d probably just leave it.


And that brings up another very serious matter; if I don’t use them here, I need to come up with another project that uses comicly large .47 uf caps.

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yes I talked about that in another topic, if the cap is really too big (Volt) it will be underused and can wear out more quickly.


I went with two 220pf’s in parallel. It works.

I’m a little bummed though, turns out this design doesn’t track negative voltages.

That’s nobody’s fault but mine, I just missed it when I was looking at the documentation. It says so plain as day in the demo video, but I didn’t watch that until today.

The slew fiction is still pretty cool, but it looks like I’m still in the market for some sample and hold circuits

I do have noise tools 1u by Intellijel I like a lot… But I’ve been trying to get away from Eurorack and all those tiny knobs.

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