AO DC Mixer module

My new mixer module. Three inputs, DC coupled, with regular and inverted outputs and a bias control. It’s intended mainly for mixing CV signals.

I looked at some designs online but ended up coming up with my own. The MFOS Quad DC Mixer was my starting point but I made lots of changes — not the least of which was not trying to jam four of them behind a single front panel. Yeesh, crowded knobs, anyone? Besides, if I want to use four mixers, I probably want them in four different places in the synth case.

I added a general level control, to make it easier to use large input signals without clipping. Turns out having inverted output, bias control, and general level control is a trickier combo than you might think — I had to split Wilson’s first gain stage into two.

Inverted output is tricky, that is, if you want it to work nicely with the bias control. That is, if you want a positive bias to raise both the non inverted and inverted outputs. That way you can take a ±5 V sawtooth for instance, cut its amplitude in half, and add a 2.5 V bias to make it into a 0–5 V sawtooth… and the inverted output will be a 0–5 V ramp, instead of 0– -5V.

I put a trimmer into the first gain stage’s feedback loop. That allows calibration for reasonably accurate unity gain, with the general level control full up. It’s probably not something you’d normally want to use for 1 V/oct signals, but you could try it.

Schematics, Gerbers, and docs are on GitHub:

I have a couple board and panel sets up on Tindie.


OMG this is nice and slide pots is very cool


Video here