Sam's Xmas Synth Setup

Hello everyone! Im new here! Ive been twiddling with modular synths for about 6 months and im still fumbling my way through. I was curious about how exactly one would go about doing something similar to what Sam does for his Christmas songs on Kosmo. I cant seem to find a detailed explanation of the gear/steps needed to take midi from my laptop and into my modular. Does it require a hardware midi player? Like cymatics? Or a software midi player? Or just a midi to cv module? Or use the disting mk4 midi playback mode? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have several modules that can do midi to cv/gate, like O_C, winter modular eloquencer eme… just not sure of all the steps in between… cheers!

You’d use a DAW or some other computer software that can take a MIDI file and send it to a MIDI interface, from there to a multichannel MIDI to CV module such as LMNC’s Midimuso. CVs and gates from the Midimuso are sent to the oscillators, filters, envelope generators etc.


Ahhhh… a midi interface… thats the missing link… this has been my first foray into midi, and its been a wonderful learning experience. Thanks for the quick reply! Ive noticed how much easier it is to google things when you know their proper names!


Or a MIDI to CV that (unlike the Midimuso) has a USB MIDI input which can connect directly to the computer.

Many modern synths have USB MIDI.


I think ill try the USB… maybe im looking in the wrong places, but it seemed like there wasnt a ton of good documentation on how to connect a synth(like sams christmas streams) in this way. I found a few, but not many. And the ones i did find, didnt go into specifics. Thanks again!