Multiple voices midi - cv

hi guys, since it’s Christmas soon, I wanted to fulfil a dream and build a modular synth. My problem is right now, I would like to get several voices and the gates from one midi out, so poly. I saw that there has already been a discussion on the topic, but it didn’t help me very much. I don’t exactly know how the midi splitter code is connected with the midimuso chip. do i need both or would it bee possible with only one? cause i only need cv and gate out and no modes, only full poly. and if it works by using only the midimuso or an arduino is there a simple circuit to realise it? cause I’d like to build everything by myself in the kosmo format.
thank you :pray:t2:


Hey! The midimuso can do polyphonic, you only need to change the mode (using a computer). You can buy Sam’s pcb or build your own stripboard using his schematic, whatever you like! You need to buy the midimuso chip though, that one is not open source, I think. :slight_smile:

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thanks, i dont need modes sooo…
but i cant find the stripboard plan for the chip.

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i don’t think there is a stripboard layout for this module, only a schematic.

ok, thanks.
Since it looks like it is very difficult to build such a circuit, I will probably buy the midimuso kit.

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