Quadra VST editor

This project has been and will be a little back burner, the main editor is finished, some calibration of the slider ranges to match the VST to the OLED display onboard. Sliders, buttons and slide switches all work and it controls the VST in a fashion, that fashion being that Cherry only use cc commands as toggles, each value of 127 toggling the button on or off, so you have no way of knowing what state a button on the VST is in from the editor, or any editor for that matter. I have asked Cherry to fix this for all their products in future releases but I don’t hold my breath. Also NRPN support is desperately need to get around the 127 ( actually 119 ) usable cc messages, Cherry currently do this with notes, transport commands etc, but NRPN would ideal.


oh man you don’t just build modules you seem to have these monster projects every time ! I am glad to see someone can do this .


Quadra editor coming along nicely, I’ve worked out the issue with the arp direction controls so they are fully mapped and operating now. And I’ve started adding the LED displays for the splits of the sections. Unfortunately I’ve run out of TM1637 chips for the other 6 displays and it seems I got two fakes that don’t work as well.


More TM1637 chips and adaptors arrived today so all the led displays are wired in and the brightness can be controlled in software from the settings section.

For some reason I cannot change the brightness of the led sliders even though in theory it can be done, on my testbed it works, on this build it has no effect.

Now configured and working to read note inputs and update the VST.

And some wiring…


Glorious! Many thanks.

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