Moving.. Please Help! [Solved?] :)

Any suggestions for how to move several large electronics parts organizers without everything going flying out of the drawers in the box?

The best solution i’ve imagined so far is to individually shipping tape over each drawer.

Please don’t say bag everything (I threw out all my esd bags while packing :worried:)


how large is large?

perhaps you can find a cardboard box the right dimensions to squish them into so the draws dont open?
or use thick’ish rubber bands?
put two of them face to face and tape them with electrical tape? (ive had packing tape leave marks when moving things before)

they’re just the first things that come to mind.

(4) of these

They fit perfectly in the medium U-Haul boxes, but the problem is the parts bounce around in the drawers and then when I unpack them the parts will have bounced out into other drawers or be in a big pile in the bottom of the box.

Maybe i could just lasercut a sh!t tonne of cardboard rectangles to drop on top of the parts in each drawer and stick a couple tabs of scotch tape.

EDIT: I also have a middle school’s worth of cardboard i need to get rid of because I quit my job at the Makerspace.


Id probably just use a bit of cardboard as a buffer between the two faces of the boxes…
Or perhaps Cling film/ Ceran wrap it all, its at least kept together that way.
Cheapest way too =P

I thought about that but the way these particular organizers are constructed there is a space between the back of a drawer and the back of the cabinet, so parts would still be able to wander around.

bubble wrap in each draw. Put rack In Bin Bag, Tape up bag.