Workshop 2021 show and tell

When I started out last year I had a carry box of limited components. Soon though I had 5 DIY drawer sets stuffed full, new iron, new meter, desolder stuff, bom boxes, overspill boxes, PCBs,. And working space on a 1m worktop next to the freezer in the kitchen, on top of the tumble dryer … I could only solder in the walkway between the dryer and washer, and had the oven warming my shoulder.

Later in the summer I put in some more shelfs oposit and a small work area next to the back door, more out of the way…

But it was still not ideal.

I have been renting space for my small business (mantiques), and due to getting very little stock and also doing my day job from the same space, I have had time to clear out, clean up, allocate space more efficiently… And set up my DAW/pcb cad station, and a whole new workshop area. Slowly migrating parts to the new location. The bench was £5 bought at one of the last auctions I get stock from before it lockdown again…

Sturdy Cheap Bench…

Integrated PA Monitor £5 :slight_smile:

3D printer was a bargain in march, till the market was flooded with copies for half the price :frowning:

3D Printed Spool Holders :slight_smile:

New BIG component drawers from Aldi, the small ones are for Resistors,caps and were all 3D printed :slight_smile: … My Olad Leader scope, had it for long time :slight_smile:

Been so busy, not had time in my days to tidy up. The DAW PC sat unused from the day I bought it in February until the big re-arangement in October… What you can’t see to the right is my PC workbench with 2 more monitors and then my Real work setup with 2 further 24"'s It’s made life a lot easier…

There’s little actual space for the Synths. I need a new Case for Kosmo…


work area

part of the basement storage [ were I keep parts ]

this disaster is the work shop [ wood / metal ] this weekends project is straightening this mess up . wish me luck , may need to get a few more brews for this one .


Good Luck, bet you find lots od stuff that will distract you for multiples of 5 mins

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still going today but getting there . I have a work bench again [ isn’t in this pic ] , which is good I have a couple cabinet jobs coming up .

Here’s my bench, i made it originally for watchmaking, which is my other hobby, so it is higher than a normal table.
I find it useful to be less bent over my desk.

It has been taken over by the electronics department for now.


That’s not a take over :wink: give it a couple more months to GROW :wink:


Haha I’m keeping it tidy for the mrs. and I can’t have resistor legs falling into my watch parts. So I clean everything after every soldering session.

The synth resides at my studio, so a lot of the mess moves away :sweat_smile: