Moritz Klein Compressor (Side Chain)

Hey everyone my first time posting so hopefully this helps someone out. I spent the last few hours converting Moritz Klein’s compressor to a stripboard layout. I have not built it yet so its unverified. I’ll update once i get it built but if someone see’s some obvious problems let me know.
It is based on the schematic available here:
Page 57


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cool but please read this about posting a stripboard pic (“unverified”, credit …)


Ah sorry I did not pick up on that, i have updated the pictures :+1:


Sorry for the delay, took a little bit to build and diagnose. Here are the verified stripboard layouts, there were minimal changes although necessary ones. Also I used 1uF and 470nF capacitors in parallel as i did not have any 1.5uF caps around. You can just use one capacitor instead if you have those.

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And here it is all built!

Excuse the messy wiring