Looking for a reverb tank for a Roland RE-201 Space Echo, need help with connector types

Hey guys, this is my first post on any forum in ages. Recently, in an old Mumbai flea market (Chor Bazaar), I came accross a really worn-down and rusty little space echo. I’d never really used something like this before, but since it wasn’t too expensive (USD 130), I decided to buy it.
Took me weeks to get the screws out as they were all corroded to the point of breaking down completely.
Inside were all the original components, including the orignal sanyo and nippon chemi con caps, which I’ve now replaced. Unfortunately, the original tank was missing, so I am looking for a tank that would be compatible with the RE-201.

So far I’ve gathered that the right input and output impedance for the tank should be 10 ohm and 2.575 ohm respectively. Is this info correct?

Also, what ype of connectors should it have?
This 8AB3C1B tank suggested in a modwiggler thread has a Type C connector (Input Insulated / Output Grounded).
But this 8AB2D1A tank on amplifiedparts is described compatible with the RE-201 has a type D connector (Input Insulated / Output Insulated).

Should I get a type C connector or a type D connector?

Furthermore, could I use an external, larger tank with the RE-201? I found a 9AB3C1B that I can get fairly easily. Any other would have to be imported.

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See this discussion:


The type’s that will work are: XABXC1X
Must the tank be inside the box, then you need: 8ABXC1B. I have the connectors ouside the 201, to have more choice.

The C is the connector grounding/insulation and can be changed with some soldering.

There is discussion of external tank.

Also at https://www.amplifiedparts.com/products/reverb-tank-accutronics-8ab3c1b-long-decay-3-spring

This should work for the RE-201.

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Thanks a lot! That answers my all questions.


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