Lmnc valve distortion help

Hey I’ve made lmnc’s valve distortion about a year or two ago and it works great for the most part, but one problem I’ve had for the longest and can’t seem to have fixed is the bypass switch mod. I added a switch between pin 2 of the valve, the input and output jack and when it’s active (or on) it works fine. But when I turn it off, it basically cuts out the signal. Anyone know what the problem might be?


have you do it like this ?

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See discussion here


Yeah it’s exactly like that

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With the FX off, the INPUT jack go dirrectely to the OUTPUT jack you should have sound. i don’t understand.

I don’t either. I have it wired exactly as the diagram shows, the resistor is the right value, it’s on the right pin, the switch works so this is why I’m stumped.

have you tested with multimeter if the connection from switch to the Output jack is good ?

Does is work if you disconnect everything else, only with the two jacks and the switch?
(Sorry if that is a dumb question, but I often forget to test the basics :wink: )

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Yeah I checked the continuity from the wire that connects the switch to the output jack, pin 2 of the valve, but one thing I found is that I don’t have continuity with the leg that is connected to the input jack to the switch, however, I have continuity from the switch to the where the wire is soldered to the resistor’s other leg. Don’t know if that’s something to take note of, but I still am getting a reading of 10k from the resistor as it should be. So I have no idea what’s wrong. For the most part I have good continuity, everything is connected where it should be, the resistor is at the appropriate rating Is there a way to check if the switch works properly or what can the issue be?

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maybe test to change the wire

to test your switch (it must be a spdt on/on)

Sans titre

personally I would try to change the switch

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Yeah I am beyond baffled at this point, I changed the wires and even the switch which is the right one to use in the diagram. On one of the positions, it allows the distorted signal to go through, but when its on the other position, the signal goes through. Everything is wired where it should be, I have no idea what’s wrong.

On your first post :

and now :

? it seems good

Sorry that my recent post confusion, it was a miss spelling on my end, my bad. It was supposed to say the signal is not going through still on the other position, yeah it’s still not working though how it should be

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have you try to change the switch ? the wire ?

Yeah, brand new switch, and I changed the wires from the input, output, and pin2 to the switch, didnt fix anything. I have no idea what the problem can be. Everything else seems to work fine