LMNC Performance filter

I bought the lmnc performance filter and i got a little problem my R3 resitor burned when i test its the -12v resistor just bellow the power connection.
Here some pictures to illustrate
I dont know if it come from the ribbon cable
Or if its come from the stripboard attached to the pcb ( i check with multimeter no strip is touching an other)
I saw i Forget to solder the power connector to the pcb so i found an other way to power this ( the stripboard thing)



Is there a general consensus about Calibration of the filter?

As soon as it sounds good for you, you stop there ? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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on the website Sam said that

“RV1 is a 10k trim pot, its to adjust how much resonance is available on the front knob. this is down to taste. completely 1 way is either resonance off or full resonance. just turn the resonance knob on the front right up and then twist RV1 till you have the max anmount of resonance you want”


Thanks… I’ll set a reasonable O’Clock setting similar to how I set up a Moog response

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