LMNC style / genre

I really love a lot of Sam’s music on Spotify, but the algorithm just pushes me towards other synth youtubers when I try to find similar stuff. Does anyone have any recommendations or playlists for other music / musicians in that same synth-punk-ish vein?

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He’s a pretty unique dude haha

I always liked The Faint, lmnc reminded me of that sound at first. I haven’t heard any of their new stuff but the 00-05 stuff was pretty rad


Check out the albums ‘Cobra Juicy’ and ’ Fucked Up Friends’ by TOBACCO/Black Moth Super Rainbow.

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Very cool mukke (we say Mukke instead of music, sounds cooler :wink: ) But the fact is that they didn’t have a cool Kosmo Synth to produce :wink:

EDIT: But they really really cool !

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Dont forget ZIBRA of course, if you arnt aware.