OMD... what synth is this


anyone know what is providing the awesome lead?

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Which song and/or timestamp? The timestamp you gave of 1:45:52 doesn’t exist on this video. :slight_smile:


ha honestly i dont know , think i may have had more glasses of red than is advisable

possibly 7:32 ish after watching all again ( a worthwhile waste of time )

i think its a Native Instruments controller.

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Hahaha…nice! At least you got to watch Andy’s amazing dancing all over again :wink: I’m a huge OMD fan so I wouldn’t mind watching this show. They didn’t have the Souvenir Tour here in the US last fall. Instead they opened for the B52’s on a huge US tour and then played about 5 club shows at small venues. I flew to Cincinnati to see them there for one of those club dates last September.

I digress…Yes, that’s the NI Komplete Kontrol. Paul usually just brings that along since the majority of the synths that they used on these songs originally are incredibly old and/or fragile and they don’t want to risk damage to them. If they brought something else other than the NI controller for Souvenir I would have been shocked.

dam that is a great show the passion is definitely there

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