Kosmo Protoboards

Would anyone have interest in some PCBs like this?

(NOTE: Unlike the 3d view you’d only put a 1x30 male header on the expansion… the bottom row would be for running jumpers to for the things you want to pass through the expansion.)


  • Power connector/filtering/10R cargo cult fuses
  • Breadboard style protoboard with +12/GND/-12 rails on both sides
  • footprints for 5 9mm right angle pots or jacks.
  • expansion header to stack protoboards

yes yes yes when please must have very cool design, love it, need I say more?

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Hm, maybe we need to come up with a standard ordering for power rails


I could make multiple versions that suit what people are used to.

Also… Would you rather have 5 Jack/Pot footprints or

4 Jack/Pot footprints with an LED footprint & transistor driver for each?

I’d be interested but don’t use/plan to use right angle jacks or pots. Would it be possible to have some kind of daughter board for vertical pots and jack’s, and connect the two with headers? If you can share the files I’m happy to modify them to my needs.

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Yeah, with the expansion header you’d have up to 30 signals you could pass between the main and daughter board. I think a vertical pot/jack board would be my first follow-on.

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yes this has come up and needs to be addressed

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