Kosmo Output Interface

I think we’ve talked about this here before, but how are you guys recording your synths? I have such a hard time getting the levels right, filter sweeps clipping the interface, the whole thing is annoying.

I’m thinking about making a Kosmoified version of this Befaco module:

Any thoughts? Is this necessary or should I just make a little attenuator. I notice this circuit also uses a special chip which might be annoying for sourcing, so maybe skip that? I don’t know. “KOSMOUT” maybe.

Barton has such a module too, it’s what I based my circuit on though I used a different headphone amplifier. It takes up to 4 inputs and you can manually pan them between right and left. The circuit, though not the stupid layout/mechanical design, is here: GitHub - holmesrichards/StereoOutKosmo: Stereo output synthesizer module in Kosmo format . It does use one SMD chip (LM4808, SOIC-8) for the headphones.

NE5532 isn’t a “special chip”, it’s a readily available op amp, and if you used a TL072 instead you might not notice any difference. Or you might, I’m not sure why they chose it. Anyway, it’s $0.59 at Tayda.

Ah man, this looks great. Faders are a nice touch. Were you able to solder the SMD chip with the standard tools, or did you need to buy a heat gun? I’m scared of SMD because I’m clumsy and nearly blind, but they made fun of my phobia on another electronics forum, seems like synth heads are the last people using through hole.

I did it with a soldering iron and solder. I did have some trouble doing that chip but it came as a surprise as I’ve done a little (very little) other SMD work including similar chips with less problems.