Introductions: Say hello, tell us about yourself and your projects


A LOT of reflective space there and many bass trap corners. Fantastic space.


I got 2 pallets of rockwool on the way, But I am looking for some acoustic fabric about 150squ m any idears?

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There’s a lot nonsense talked about acoustic fabric. Speaker grills are one thing but for wall treatments simple cotton will do. Cotton towels too. Go easy on the rockwool too, nasty stuff.


Would not want to slip on them stairs !!!


Hi everybody!

My name is Henning and I live in the NL. I have been playing piano when I was a kid, and also did some very basic electronics and soldering during my childhood. In the recent years, I have been looking for a way to come back to music and electronics but could never motivate myself to learn piano sheets etc. and I had no good project for doing electronics. The lockdown had an enormous effect on me because it made life incredibly difficult, as both my partner and I are working and we have a 2 years old child. I thus looked for a positive way to deal with emotions. First I listened to NIN a lot and then I started to watch Sam’s videos. I realised that instead of going back to piano, I could go for synths! That’s what I did and I purchased a Behringer (boooh! :-1: , but I cannot afford a Minimoog…) Poly D to get started. This helped me a great deal to learn basics of synths, but reading the excellent SOS Synth Secrets series wetted my appetite.

My project is now to build various modules that are adding something to what the Poly D can do (not just subtractive synthesis :smiley: ), learn more about music theory and then concentrate on making some music as a way for expressing myself.

Another future idea is to develop modules or synths that can be used in education. This because I lecture at the university in logic, theoretical computer science and math. But I have done FPGA and embedded development in the past. And now I’m devouring knowledge about analogue electronics! One part of my project is to build a (Tayda-friendly) Kosmo Module around the Teensy. The planning for this is done, and I have learned a lot about analogue filter already :slight_smile: Next up, I have to submit my orders for the components and plan a case for the modules.

In any case, I found this forum and the community already as passive reader great and extremely helpful. Now it’s time to become an active member!


You’re welcome here, do not hesitate to open a new thread to show us your project :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome @moscione!
Do keep us posted on your projects and sing out if you need help with anything.


Also from me a warm welcome to all new Kosmonauts!


Thank you all for the warm welcome!

I have posted my draft schematics and a description:


oh hey I’m sound dept too! Mostly assistant (utility), occasional boom op and do low budget stuff as a mixer :slight_smile:


I’m a Software dev during the day and I don’t think that I will ever make real music with my synth, but I really enjoy building it.

I decided to go for the Euro rack format with 3.5mm jacks and the 10-pin power plugs.

And that’s how it looks like till now.

I don’t have as much time as I want, but it’s going…

And the “rack” is just a prototype, a quick build to have something. At some point there will be a real case…


nice work, welcome in the forum :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi all!

I’m David, a Dutch Maker/designer. (24) I’ve been trying Synth DIY for five years now, mainly because of Sam’s shenanigans :slight_smile:

This year has kicked this hobby into overdrive, so it’s about time I start nerding with other builders and stop annoying my bandmates. I’m currently expanding a small Eurorack, with 3D-printed panels. I’d love to build a Kosmo system someday… Also, I’ve also started a Github page with some Euro projects, if someone’s interested.

I’d love to see what everyone else is building!


Welcome David !

i’m curious, don’t hesitate to open a thread about your stuff :slightly_smiling_face:


Agreed! there’s a little bunch of us 3D printing/synth nerds about who’ll appreciate it =) Welcome to the forum.

damn dude i wish i had thought of that =) a simple case rather than the “quad” format angled case i designed… ive never really done wood work before.
this would have made testing life better =P
Welcome to the forum


hi im zumdar!

a synthesizer musician and techno artist specializing in taking old things and making weird new things out of them.
im working on a public art interactive synthesizer // lighting installation right now and am real excited about it. its going to be all open source info and im documenting it well so that it can be a resource for anyone! ive been a touring musician for many years and from that transitioned into making stage designs and art installations. now im going back to school to try to learn more about why i am doing the things that i am doing. aka im studying electrical engineering and all the other students are 10 years younger then me. but its fun!

i hope to nerd out with yall


Sounds like your in the right place :wink:


Hello, I’m Cameron. I’ve spent most of my life collecting and learning new instruments. I’ve got digeridoos, melodicas, pianos, bagpipes and all kinds of fun stuff. Collect vinyl and wax cylinders and tapes and all that too. Basically, all my hobbies are just different music-related avenues. I got into synths a couple of years ago and have been going crazy over them lately. Ended up amassing a Minilogue XD, Deepmind 12, microfreak and Korg SV-1. The natural progression for me seemed to be to start building stuff now. Figured it would save me money too since I could spend months building modules piece by piece instead of dropping a grand on a new keyboard in an evening. Looking forward to learning a lot. Already started building. Put together the VCO, Filter and mixer and have now started venturing into stripboard stuff. Man is it all confusing but man is it also fun.


welcome, it may not be as cheap as you think, but it’s more rewarding in many ways.