Introductions: Say hello, tell us about yourself and your projects

Hello all and very glad to be jumping on board the LMNC wagon.

Been tooling about with electrical engineering a while now, and being a music lover with a wide range of tastes, when I discovered this whole modular synth gig, I was hooked.

I’m now in the process of building a “scrap synth” whereby I try and get the vast majority of the components and hardware from other devices and reuse-recycle-repurpose as much as I can to create sounds. As you can imagine this is a rather slow and tedious endeavour at times, but good for shits and giggle when it works.

I look forward to sharing some ideas, wins and failures, as well as learning a bit along the way.

Right now though, better get back to work!


welcome here ! @ArcheanCraton and @Chent :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi All. I’ve been building a vacuum tube synth for the past year. Nearly completely tube based, except the MIDI interface. I thought I’d join up here to share it and generally help out where I can.

Warning though, it needs 250V and -80V to operate. Left to right is the power supply, MIDI interface, ADSR envelope generator, VCO 2, VCO 1 and the filter. The filter is a Moog ladder, done in tubes.



Amazing! Matched tube pairs for the ladder filter? I doubt you can buy matched tubes off the shelf!
Also curious as to the height of your panels. 5u?


welcome, eager to hear the beast :slightly_smiling_face:


@Vumnoo I used whatever dual triodes I had about. Seems to work fine. It’s a 5U, yes.
@Dud :slight_smile:


Hello guys, i’m Ciro from brazil and i’m almost finishing my EE course.

i’ve worked on a few projects so far which includes:

This attempt at copying the chipophone from linus akesson in a panel format

there are still some code stuff to be done but i’ve managed to make a few tracks with it
(the code stuff is being done in a STM32f103 bluepill development board codded in C)

This case + power supply + 4 channel mixer

right now i have a few projects going on. I’m trying to build an Ondes Mardenot type of instrument (concept phase), a midi controller keyboard (building phase) and i pretend to build some kosmo modules in the future.

i’ve been following Sam’s channel for a few years now and i look forward to talking about synth stuff with you guys :slight_smile:


I guess I knew Python would come into it sooner or later:

$ ~/Python/ Kosmonauts.kml
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(all of which assumes the map coordinates are exact and they aren’t; Caustic, for instance, is known only to be somewhere in the state of Georgia. Also, they assume Earth is a sphere.)


This is where a spotty data set messes things up. I know for a fact that I’m within 5-15 miles of @antoine.pasde2 and probably similar for @SYNTHGUY57/@SYNTHGUY

Sure, I can only deal with locations I know!


I’m voltur, a musician / hardware designer from Arizona. I’m starting a synth company called volt, and it’s a good bit into it at this point. I make weird things like a synth cube, stacked APCs, and more.


Well it was fun being on the most distant list while it lasted :laughing:

Nice to have another 'zonie in here! Welcome!


Sucks because I’m planning on going to the museum when it opens… it’s gonna be the largest trip I’ve ever gone on.


Hello! I’m Nelson, Needless Mustard in some places. I’m living in Winnipeg, Canada, it’s cold here sometimes. But my soldering iron can keep me warm. I’ve been following lookmumnocomputer for a while now, and the Kosmo stuff seems pretty rad. I was a drummer for several years and then I moved into an apartment where an acoustic drum kit was not going to fly with the neighbours. I’ve been an electronics nerd for a long time, building little kits and LED Cubes and the like. Once I realized that I could blend my love of music and electronics into a singular money pit instead of two separate ones I was hooked!

I’ve done a couple of little DIY kits, like Music Thing’s Turing machine, and the Penrose Quantizer but I want to dive deeper, so I ordered some VCA and ADSR Chips from Latvia and started breadboarding… Until I realized that I don’t have a power supply (well, there’s the one in my modular rack, but I don’t want to risk messing that thing up)

Now I’m waiting for some PCBs to come in from a few different places and a couple of BOM items to come out of back order so that I can build the (long discontinued) module tester from Émilie Gillet, The CHA/V from Jonas Bers, and maybe a few more neat things!


Welcome to the cage to all new members !! You will have a great time here. Promised!

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not a cage man . free your mind and soul with the music / noise or something like that . but it is some what of a time / money suck like most great hobbies …


Thing is, if it wasn’t worth it, we wouldn’t do it. Have to use that money for something, it might as well make you happy! :slight_smile:


I prefer to build cages with my money. P:


Hello everyone Seth here. LMNC thank you very much for getting me up and open to crazy electro audio-logical circuitry and getting me to just try it. I have a fair amount of audio stuffsAt this point. I am basically the studio engineer for my retired father and may have gotten a bit of g.a.s… it started out just helping my dad record some old retired rock… and quickly morphed into me building a pretty wicked crown royal distortion pedal… too getting a bunch of Arturia and korg gear and now building a 104hp euro rack modular system that is way to small… I completely get cosmo another time and another place!! I got a hold of one of your early tube distortion vca pcbs… unfortunately it was early in my get go and I did a poor job putting it together… and looking at your newer plans I’ll probably just try a strip board with the extra functionality…cheers everyone!!!as she stands


… welcome here :slight_smile: