Introductions: Say hello, tell us about yourself and your projects

Hi everyone,
I’m pretty fresh faced when it comes to modular synths, but I’ve been following @lookmumnocomputer for years now and have always been a fan of his stuff. I’m from Aus and I’m just starting to record and release my music (which severely jumps genres), I’m super keen to jump on the bandwagon with these projects.


Hi, i come from a daw based background using reaper and pro tools using arturia virtual synths plus others , I’m very gifted musically. But I have a weakness for modular synths, I’m lookin at building an mu system incorporating maybe some system 100 modules who knows, I never really understood how a synth works untill I came across lmnc on YouTube


I think having things explained in a simple manner ,
Gives you the confidence
To wanna try, even if you mess up the first time, but I guess messing up, is kinda learning curve.


Hi All!

My name is Josh and I am from Wisconsin… lol…

Anyway, I get into modular stuffs, visual stuffs, all the diy stuffs, etc.
I used to be really into Chiptunes and LSDJ and modding DMG’s and then got into Circuit Bending!
That kinda brought me into Modular and Noise Circuitry!!

I have a couple other hobbies, but the big one is Yo-Yo’ing :slight_smile:
I know Sam has mentioned to me in a livestream that he plays a little bit of 4A (offstring) himself!! :smiley:
It is definitely a fun hobby as well!! But that’s not what we’re here for! I have another forum I frequent for all that haha!

So for I have built the KOSMO Performance Filter, and the KOSMO VCLFO.
My Performance OSC just showed up, but i’m lazy as shit and havent ordered the parts yet… lol.

I am sure some of you are in the LMNC FB Fan Group that I created, and someone else started a build group, he has a lot more members, but I never really advertised our group, so oh well!

Hope everyone has a fun time here!


Hello I’m Patrick from ND! I recently got bit by the diy bug, but I’m trying not to lose my shirt over it, so my first order of business is performing a backlight install and pro audio mod on an old Gameboy! After that I’m going to add midi to my SK-1, then onto some LMNC projects so I can build myself a massive wall of modular :slight_smile: I have a modest Eurorack setup (self-assembled Make Noise Shared System) and I’m hoping to expand on that.

I have previous experience building guitar pedals and doing some minor repairs on my other hardware. I got burnt out on pedals pretty fast, they’re too small and too boring, I’m ready to build some big synths!

I’m really interested in using Arduino more, and I’d like to design my own instruments some day, but I have lots to learn in the meantime!


Hi All, my name is Simon. I found out about this forum because I work for Discourse - the company that writes the software this site is using. One of my co-workers asked me today if I had heard of LookMumNoComputer :slight_smile: I’m a big fan, so I created an account on here. Feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions about how the forum works.

I’ve been into music since I was a kid - played in rock bands in the early 80s. I got into computer music, mostly Pure Data and Sonic Pi, starting around 2010. For the last couple of years I’ve been obsessed with eurorack synths. So far I haven’t put together any module kits though. I don’t know how to solder, but want to learn.

I’ve got lots of music on SoundCloud. I’ve been recording practice sessions and putting them up there. It’s not all great, but seems to be progressing:


I just wanted to introduce myself and say hello. I just found this forum a couple of days ago after going to the LMNC site to order the performance VCO board and panel after discovering the LMNC channel on YouTube.

I’ve been tinkering with electronics since I was 14, a million years ago. I’ve always had an interest in electronics and music. I listen to all kinds of music (except Jazz) but I keep finding myself drawn to electronica and synth music, and want to start creating my own.

I’ve been wanting to get into building my own synth equipment for a long time but life seems to keep getting in the way. I built some PAIA synth stuff in the early 2000s. I’ve tried to get into Eurorack over the years but just never made it a priority. Now I have the time and several Eurorack kits waiting to be assemble and I’m looking forward to building some of the LMNC sutff.

I currently design and built guitar pedals but really want to get into designing some synth stuff because I think it’s much more fun and creative.

I know my way around both analog okay, and around digital electronics pretty well. I do a lot of bare metal coding for Arduino and Pic chips.

Looking forward to being part of this forum and seeing what crazy stuff @lookmumnocomputer comes up with next.


Greetings fellow tinkerers, hobbyists, mad scientists, and all around nerds!

I am a musician by night and Chef/Audio engineer by day, got bit by the modular bug a few years back, and slowly collecting eurocrack. Now I would like to build these metric 5u, seem more useful for playing shows which will come when I cannot contain the fire any longer. I play industrial Metal, and venture into a electro/ techno/industrial vibe on occasion, which will increase as my modular collection does. Tried building a ADSR a few years ago and it didn’t work sO I ran away and cried, but not I’m back, with LMNC by my side to reinvigorate that TEEN SPIRIT BABY oooohhhh yeeeeaaaahhh.

got some components on order for when I get out of the frozen tundra (I work 3 weeks and have 3 weeks off) of northern Canada, and back into Vancouver and BUIIIILLLLD. Thanks for what you do Sam :wink:


Hello, I’m Evan Lee. I went through highschool playing a lot of heavy metal and buckethead music. I like to make electronic stuff inspired by techno, synth, and industrial.

I really want to make a laser harp.



My name’s Matt, I’m the only teenager I know that makes modular synthesisers and such like!
Been on Sam’s Patreon for a couple of months and have been a fan for a bit longer than that! Been building a modular for the past couple of weeks, starting with my 2 Performance oscillators and then moving on to the Filter and VCLFO! So yeah, can’t wait for more modules and can’t wait to get building again! Thanks Sam, and everyone in the Forum! :slight_smile:


(just realized that I haven’t posted anything here, maybe I should fix that :upside_down_face:)

So I’m fredrik, and am tinkering with DYI synth bits mostly to challenge myself, and to bring some focus into my “maker” hobby (which before this mostly consisted of coming up with an idea, sourcing 80% of the components, and then abandoning that for another idea, sourcing 80% of the components, …).

To help me focus, I’m using a bunch of fairly arbitrary & artificial constraints (things like odd form factors, more “granular” modules, 3D printing, etc) that I wouldn’t necessarily recommend to anyone who just want to build a classic modular and make some nice noise :grinning:

And yeah, highlight of my career this far is when Sam called me a madman in the gameboy minimachine video. I mean, I could just retire at this point.


Hi everyone , not sure what to say . I have been collecting and trying to play various instruments for decades. been using the computer software for awhile. always liked the modular stuff , got to mess around with a ms10 and ms20 back in the day. but always figured it was to expensive to get into. [ 9 million other hobbies, wife / kids etc…] didn’t help budgeting for modular much. then I came across Sam’s stuff and his go for it attitude was the push that got me going down this rabbit hole . I have been building MFOS [Ray Wilson’s] pcb’s and Sam’s boards, bought a couple Befaco kits and have my eye on a few other ready made modules. so here I go another hobby …


Hi, I’m Max.
I am a student from middle Germany that is heavily interested in (Modular-) Synths. I started my journey with a Microbrute and then quickly built myself one or two modules in the Cosmo format. Like a Mixer, a VCF and a VCO. But right now I have 4 unfinished racks in my basement. 2 Eurorack- racks and 2 Cosmo-Racks. I started to design eurorack modules and to sell them pretty cheap. Right now I am working on a small line of modules which I can produce very cost effective and fast, to fill my racks and to sell them to other synth fans or students, if they are struggling with the expensive modular stuff. And I also visited 3 LookMumNoComputer concerts, one with the help of the amazing guy Hainbach!


Hi I trained as an electronics engineer in the days when valves ruled the world and transistors were a great marvel. In the seventies I built synthesizers having had my enthusiasm fired up by the PE synth. Moved on to other things and worked in IT for many years but still stayed involved in music, playing mandolin and appellation dulcimer. I returned to electronic music a couple of years ago largely using software tools, and am currently building my first synth for many a long year. Currently ADSR and VCA modules completed, An AS3340 based VCO is just moving from breadboard to pcb design.


Always good to have someone who actually knows how this stuff works and is more than a clueless tinkerer/experimentor. Hail friend!!! and welcome!!


Hello all (sorry for my english - i’m french)
i made recently a double cabinet in Kosmo format, with some Sam modules (sequencer, vco,safety valve, big button, AD/AR envelope)
if you want to see it :

have a good night
see you soon for discution


Hi, that looks like a great setup there, welcome :+1:


Your KOSMO synth has actually been shared here before by other members!! :smiley:


Magnifique @Dud, I have for sure see your stuff before. Your work is great, and the panels have a cool style.


Glad to have you on Dud.