HAGIWO modular builds

Here’s a couple of HAGIWO designs, the CV/Gate sequencer and the Oscilloscope/Analyzed. I’m just going to build the dual quantizer as a third module to add to my modular.


Sequencer and scope were easy builds, but the quantizer is proving a little more tricky as I cannot source a Seeeduino XIAO in the Ukraine, I think I’ve found a solution with the Arduino MKR Zero which is a full size version of the Seeed. So I have a few on order.


Finally got this set of 3 modules built and tested.


Is the scope fast enough even with a serial display?

It is according to the video

have you tried using 1.3" screens in any of these? I made the 6 channel euclidian sequencer and it was quite happy with the 0.96" or 1.3" screens I had lying around.

Nope, I don’t have any 1.3" screens in i2c SSD1306 format spare. I only have 1.4 and 1.8" SPI ST7735/89 screens spare.

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Oof, for a couple of seconds there I thought you had Chrome running on the Nano in your modules somehow. WHEW It’s been a heck of a morning…

Any idea if you can add more inputs to the scope, and/or a larger screen?

Thanks in advance!