Furby 2012 (V3) Experiments


I picked up this little fella for 10 bucks on a flea market tody.

steps so far:

  • fur removed
  • replaced the coroded battery compartment (it then came to life)
  • searched on YT and watched a video about V3-furbies
  • found out this specimen is from 2013

i’d like to turn him into a furby-module similar to sam’s. BUT before i start (and possibly harm my test subject) i ask:

  • is there XP here in the forum about circuit benduíng V3-furbies?

initial research:


Love that swan dive into research.
I wonder If you make the bass unstable; a bowl, a cone etc. their limited movements could be exaggerated or even allow ambulation? … Then move out wider and have a wee esp32cam ai track the furby movement as midi etc.
To the neverending projects !!

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The Goal:

    1. extend the in- & out-puts from the furby to the panel
    1. add modifications
    1. optional features like midi emulated furby-com
    1. eventualy let furby do things by extending his movements (eyelid, ears, mouth)

The Road:

we’ll se who gets electrocuted first me or the furby. after 5 successfully built panels and only limited knowledge about electronics this is going te be huge challange for me.

i’ll keep you updated


I have a Furby that appears dead… Tried, with no success, methods of reviving a comatose Furby found online (like manually turning gear until it wakes up, which it didn’t). As far as I can tell power does make it to where it needs to be. May just need a decent burial.


I did my best to make head or tails from sam’s tutorial in the video. I have a few questions before i continue form theory to praxis, from shematic to breadboard:

  • i did not fully understand how sam wired in the LEDs and switches on the FP
  • my 2012 furby has tin-fiol touch-sensors with only one cable, how do i switch them with CV?
  • one modification for my furby is to remove the “quartz resonator” and in(tro)duce LED-resonances into the furby… how could i use that with CV and switches to (kind of) glich my friend nicely? preferably don’t tell me it’s a LED, hot glue and a pot…

My (not so) fury frind finaly reached his architect to get his new home built:


Wow that looks great!


I continued working with my future furby module. i started with the power-converter, -swith and audio-out as pictured above (#4 & #6). it is partly (/temporary) working now. the lm7805 gets hot fast and after ~1minute breaks down…


Nice progress! I’ve been wanting to take the plunge and actually get to the bending bit. But so far I just keep buying them lol
Keeping my eye out for a gen1 but have a couple gen1 and 3s =D

Have u seen the Bluetooth commands you can do with the newer ones? Debug modes and audio injection XD


yeah, i know. i havn’t seen a living specimen of that kind yet. but i’d love to get my hands on one of them.

i have ~all the parts required for the modifications described above but i’m movin slowly to maximize the survival chances for me and the furby. there is only one backup (furby) in our household and my daughter would demand a fortune for it… “it’s my favorite… the only one” :slight_smile:

  • power conversion now working better with a heat sink. but there are still drop outs
  • power, reset, tail and audio-out are connected to their buttons, switches or jacks and are working as expected

Excellent I love a bit of furby abuse!

I have a 1st gen. I put switches in his ears to do glitch and hold. I tried to replace his crystal resonator with a precision oscillator so I could slow speech down but it didn’t work,it just triggered the phrases more slowly

I don’t really understand how Sam got specific pitches for the organ


It is discussed here.