Discourse problems

Great, thanks.

But … the best Discourse documentation is found on the DigiKey web site !?!

Joy and disappointment: there is a Discourse plugging that supports LaTeX, but it is apparently not enabled in this forum.

Yeah, its a bummer. The API documentation is also one of those OpenAPI auto generated docs that dont cover everything. Oh well. I remember seeing a post from the co-founder of Discourse (Jeff Atwood of stack overflow) on the official forum (see below).


You can find a lot of documentation here: https://meta.discourse.org/c/howto/10.

The best way to figure out the API is to follow this guide: https://meta.discourse.org/t/how-to-reverse-engineer-the-discourse-api/20576.

Not necessarily annoyed, but it’s definitely silly UX and easy to fix. For now, I’ll leave it on my LOL-UX list :smiley:


This information, and especially this should be directly accessible from the main menu at the top right of every page, or at least indirectly through the FAQ.

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It’s the developers’ hubris of believing the algorithm knows better than me what a reasonable reply is that really steams me. I only would mind a little if they had it ask if I was sure. But they won’t allow for the possibility the algorithm is wrong.


wow you actually read some instructions. still doesn’t make much sense to the code illiterate . but thanks .

Sometimes algorithms work in mysterious ways :slight_smile: This topic was automatically bumped into the latest topic list on Meta today:

One great thing about Discourse is that it’s open source software. You can see exactly how the algorithms work. The code is here: https://github.com/discourse/discourse.


Weird. This topic Kosmo Specification is pinned. But I see the pin icon displayed upside down, and when I mouse over it, it says “This topic is unpinned for you; it will display in regular order”. What? It’s pinned, but not for me?
Screenshot from 2020-05-16 16-39-23

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whaaaaaaaaat. thats well odd.

Looks like when you read a pinned topic, it becomes unpinned for you.

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Yeah, I think the idea is “you should read this, then it’s up to you if you want to keep it pinned or not”. You can tweak your setting with the controls at the bottom of the thread:

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Just don’t navigate away before re-pinning it, or you may never find it again

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I didn’t understand why it didn’t work for me, but I just understood, because I always use “All categories” , it only works if we choose one categories :roll_eyes:

I suggested to Sam to also pin the glossary in the “Everything Else” category

EDIT : work also with “All categories” !!!

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So I guess you can have topics that are pinned, meaning they appear at the top when you look at a category, or pinned globally, meaning they appear at the top when you look at all categories.

And then once a topic is read it becomes unpinned, but you can re-pin it for yourself, however you can’t choose whether to re-pin a globally pinned topic non-globally.

I usually look at all categories, and I’d like to be able to find the useful topics easily, but don’t want them in my face all the time, so I’d like useful topics pinned but not pinned globally. Ideally I’d like them to stay pinned (non globally) rather than having to pay attention and re-pin them myself, but maybe that’s not possible.

I still incline to the opinion that a FAQ category would be better than pinning. Topics there would be easily found but not in your face and without requiring you to re-pin them. (New non-FAQy topics started there could be moved to more appropriate categories to keep the FAQ category useful.)

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I have already pinned the Wiki Glossary. If you feel another existing topic should be pinned just lemme know.


Pinning is great, especially to make sure new users see the important or useful stuff.
It is also very nice that we can individually unpin the stuff we don’t care about.

If you find that pinned stuff is too much in your face, but want to be able to find some topics easily, you can unpin them and bookmark them instead, then you can find them easily in your bookmark list.


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Agreed. I have been working with bookmarks since day one here. Originally i was pinning a lot of threads that are commonly used, but then i realized what a trash heap that would look like at the top. Combine this with the default unpinning behavior and im limiting pins for things that new users should see at least once like introductions and such.

Being one who kinda likes when UI isn’t constantly notifying me, and am an “Inbox Zero” type of person, im glad of this pinning behavior.

Im up for suggestions for what people want pinned though of course.


Definitely this ^…

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I try to add info with links in the glossary (polarity of components, electrical symbol, diagram) and after doing 3 or 4 I am blocked, I can not write as many post in a row without response.

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