Delia Derbyshire

No link today as my phone is refusing to cooperate.

As part of the BBCs Dr Who 60th there is a new docu-drama about the composer Delia Derbyshire.
An electronic music pioneer and grand poobah of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, she is most fondly remembered for composing the theme for Dr Who.

A delightful and very English musician who’s lab looked like a Heinbach wet dream.

Google and enjoy.

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It’s on the iPlayer, if you pay your license fee…


Thanks @fatboab, i couldn’t get the link to work.


Treason, arson in their majesties shipyards and failure to pay the bbc licence fee were all once capital crimes in the UK. (or did i dream that?)

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When I was at Uni, a long time ago now. You had to have a license fee to have a telly box in your room at the halls of residence. People did get letters…

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My mobile wifi rig has the ID ‘TV Licence Enf.’

It keeps the riff raff out :wink:


If you like the music, you can buy the soundtrack


Oooh! Didn’t know that. Superb.

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I remember this came out in 2021, they had a live online screaming during the pandemic. It was pretty good!


Yes, this must be a repeat, I saw it first time round. It was funny in parts too, owing to some of the characters involved.

Written and directed by Caroline Catz, who also performs the lead role. I wonder if she is also an electronic musician, when she is not jousting with Doc Martin.

When will someone produce a biopic of Daphne Oram? A few years back the Science Museum had a reconstruction of her studio on display, it was a 1960’s DIY’ers dream.

Amongst other things, Oram’s work included sounds (uncredited) for the film Dr.No, a strange parallel with Derbyshire.


I’d forgotten about Dr. No! Spooky!
When i studied music i wrote papers on music concrete and as it was pre internet i had to go to the music library and sit in a booth with Bakelite headphones. Ah happy days!

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