Daisy Seed development

Anyone done any development with Daisy Seed, I recently purchased 4 of them because I’d heard good things about the especially for fx. They have around 60mB of ram for storage so can be used for delays etc.

I ordered 4 as I said and for some reason I received a Daisy seed 2 development board with my order. Looks perfect for creating a digital phaser.


They are amazing and very versatile. The ability to use pure data patches has been my only focus but others have pushed the Daisyseed to it’s limits.
I still find them too expensive for mucking around with and not all cope with power changes well (blue smoke smells awful from a £40 chip. Is this a new thread @craigyb ?

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Well I have no ideas yet what to do with them, I’ve seen a few projects recently that use them so I ordered what I thought was 2, seems I ordered 4 plus this free bonus board. I paid 132 dollars Inc delivery which equates to around 26/7 pounds per board, less than a Teensy 4.1 to me.


Short shameless plug, I coded up a granulator and some other bits and pieces for the daisy:

I think @Jos has some things too and maybe a few others on the forum.

Be interested to know more about the seed2 dev board that you’ve got!



I want to know more about this Seed2 thing…

I have played around with the Daisy Seed, and I quite like them. They are ideal for any DSP stuff with the built audio quality DAC/ADC.

I still need to make the Kosmo format Daisy model to play with in my modular. Everything I have done so far has been stand-alone synths or in a guitar pedal.


Where are you sourcing your daisyseed and board?

Straight from Electrosmith, but I think they are sold out again

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That board looks like it’s a prototype of the Daisy Patch which, with a list price of $334 means you’ve got the bargain of the century!

I had magic smoke come out of one of mine. That hurt, I’d had it for three weeks and hadn’t the luck you had with the prices! Then I went back to Juno to see about replacing it and their algorithmic pricing software had almost doubled the price, because it had logged a load of traffic going to the listing (which in reality was just me trying to work out what was going on).

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AFAIK it’s a $99 development board with a Daisy Seed 2 onboard, this has not been released yet.

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I’ve been chipping away with the esp32 audio dev board (and following* Marcel licence’s work on GitHub) and figured i could make a 12 voice synth with only 6 esp32 and a teensy 2 (i like the usb midi mode) and still spend less. Its apples and oranges to me but has anyone else used it?
I still would like a daisy seed but will wait for the dead or 2nd hand market to frisk up a bit.
@craigyb, given the plethora of wild sequencers in pure data and max, id start there maybe?