Audio DSP - Csound/Pd/MAX/Octave/C++ etc

Here’s a thread for talking about using computers to make sounds and audio. But in a DIY kind of way, that is designing and coding your own instruments or effects.

I’ll go first.

I’ve had my eye on csound for about 20 years now, but have only dabbled. I took the plunge and set up CsoundQT and have started working through some examples:

I set up cabbage too, so I can create my own VSTs. At least the test run using one of the examples I did seemed to work.

What kind of nerdy audio synthesis stuff do you like to do with computers?



Well, I’ll continue working on this in the near future:


A couple of folks (@BenRufenacht, @Krakenpine, @sebastian) mentioned Daisy recently in another thread - maybe they’d like to come and geek out over here.

Here are the things I cobbled together on the Daisy Pod:

jazamatronic/ParametricChorus: A Parametric Chorus based on that presented by Hal Chamberlin in his Musical Applications of Microprocessors (Second Edition). (

jazamatronic/ModalResonators: BiQuad Resonators (

I’ve got a Bela Pepper Kit that’s waiting to be put together - and I’m working on getting some Csound waveshaping code ready to go for it to have a VC waveshaping oscillator.


So far, I have just used the Daisy Seed to create the sounds for my Synth Garden project.

(Ben Rufenacht on Instagram: "Synth garden installed at Ward-Meade park for Garden Glow")

Each flower is a capacitive touch based midi controller and the Daisy is a simple polysynth with a sine wave sent through a delay.


Hey, that’s really cool.


I’ve been going through some csound examples and was inspired to extend one to make this morphing waveshaper proof of concept thing:

It’s a nice prototype - I think I should be able to port it fairly easier to Bela which supports Csound natively. Maybe a bit more work to get it onto the Daisy, but having this implementation as a guide sure will be helpful.

Next steps would be to add multiple detuned oscillators, and maybe external envelope control.