Crimping plier recommendations

I’ve been wanting to get some crimping pliers for ages to be able to make my own cables but the reviews always seem a bit mixed, even for expensive ones.

I’d would like to be able to crimp JST style (in either 2mm, 2.5mm or 0.1" pitches ) and Molex style as those also seem popular.

Ideally I don’t want to spend a fortune on these, but I am willing to go to a “middle” land for something that’s not rubbish.

I was just trying to learn how to do this yesterday by watching YouTube videos! Do you have a vise clamp? Seems like that’s the easiest way.

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I had to make my first 2 cases with crimp connections on each module, but I gave up because of the price, for me not profitable at all.
About 60euros per case just for the crimps !!!
and with just the connections on the PSU side, on the module side I didn’t use any because I solder the wires directly to the stripboard.

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How did that get so expensive? Cables and headers are very cheap on AliExpress, but very expensive from modular-specialty vendors.

What I use for Molex:

It’s more fiddly and slower than whatever it is Sam has used in his videos but it’s only $21 and after the first few attempts the connectors I’ve made have never given me any problems.


I use the same type they work well . but I am with Dud on this one I almost always solder the wires directly to board and components one less connection to worry about .


Thanks, I’ll look to get some.

I normally solder in a wire, but for some stuff it’s a pain if it needs to come out again more than once.