Complex sequencing

I always wondered how lmnc managed to create and play automatically his complex sequences. For instance, in his song ‘‘Desperado Vespa’’ he starts by playing on his Arturia Keystep Pro, which plays the first bass line, which is fine with me. But then, at the chorus of the song he doesn’t seem to play his big bass on his Arturia Keystep Pro and he only controls the volume of it at the chorus, when he needs it. Also, in one of his synth presentation video A MODULAR SYNTH WALKTHROUGH OF MY DIY MODULAR SETUP - YouTube at 12:26, he talks about his midi sequencer he uses live. So how he does it ? And can I do it with only an Arturia Beastep Pro, like can I record the chorus bassline of Desperado Vespa on my Beatstep Pro or is it too complex ? And can we build the midi sequencer ?


Sam done a video a couple of weeks ago, talking about how he sequences.