Casio DG-20 repair

Does anyone know of someone who can help me get my Casio DG-20 midi guitar repaired? I know @lookmumnocomputer is a fan of these things but mine is broken.

The link below has the exact fix I need, but I don’t have the skills nor the tools for it. It’s a real shame because it was a fun instrument and it would hook up nicely with the projects I am working on.

Any ideas?


Hi there, sorry I have just seen this.
I’ve repaired and restored a few dg10’s and 20’s and that included the hardware sometimes.
For the posts I took the broken section to a local machine shop and they milled me a new one for pennies.

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Hey… That’s good to know, but… Tell me… Where is your local machine shop?


They were on the board at a shop in Edinburgh called Omni Electronics. Not used them since the 00’s

My solution for that part when I broke it a few years back was using a short M3 screw (about 8mm) a really long M3 screw (I think it was like 70mm) and a small 3D printed part with a notch to match the groove, a hole for the screw, and 2 holes for the string. I have found a few thing wrong with my first design, but I can try finding it and posting it to a 3dprinting site, but it needs something to protect the string from getting too much bite from the screw that holds the string to it’s tensioning part.


Hey, as luck would have it, I just got a 3d printer! Please do share what you have… Maybe I can get this DG running again!


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Here you go! Good luck on getting your DG running, it’s a lot of fun. I just broke it (AGAIN) changing out the string a few months ago, this time it was one of the “String fixers” the equivalent to it’s pick up, snapped off on me and it’s a a part that needs to be metal. I need to find a turning service that would be cheaper than another DG.

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Aw man that’s a shame… But I am so happy that you posted this. Honestly, I wasn’t having the best of days but you just put the love back in my heart. Cheers fam!