Casio DG-20 repair

Does anyone know of someone who can help me get my Casio DG-20 midi guitar repaired? I know @lookmumnocomputer is a fan of these things but mine is broken.

The link below has the exact fix I need, but I don’t have the skills nor the tools for it. It’s a real shame because it was a fun instrument and it would hook up nicely with the projects I am working on.

Any ideas?


Hi there, sorry I have just seen this.
I’ve repaired and restored a few dg10’s and 20’s and that included the hardware sometimes.
For the posts I took the broken section to a local machine shop and they milled me a new one for pennies.

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Hey… That’s good to know, but… Tell me… Where is your local machine shop?


They were on the board at a shop in Edinburgh called Omni Electronics. Not used them since the 00’s