Carol of the Quirks


Nice! Reminds me of very early work by Klaus Schulze.

You can post your music here where there is more of it by fellow forum users:


Nice! Thanks for sharing such a rad take on this song. I like the far away bells and tinkles that slowly fade in over the heavy drone. What were you using for a delay/glitch type effect?

I did a cover of that song two years ago and just migrated it over to my newer sequencer to perform later this week.


Okay, thanks. I didn’t realize there was a dedicated thread for performances.

First I’m using the Tangible Waves AE Modular synth format. The main audio delay is a straight forward bucket brigade delay. There is a second delay which is a trigger delay called the TRIP. The two together gives the Steve Reich-like phasing effect.

The glitches are just sample-and-hold modules triggering CV on the filters. I have the resonance set to just below screaming. Whenever the S&H releases a signal, it makes for a little twinkle. I also have a lot of West-coast synthesis going on as well with another S&H triggering harmonics on the wavefolder and FM.