Big button: a button, but a mountain for beginners to die on


I’ve been combing carefully through some existing threads on here about building the big button (seems like they were a big choice in the 2020 lockdowns) - I’m using the advice to troubleshoot building this thing. I wonder if anyone clever could tell me what I’ve got wrong? I’m fairly inexperienced with circuit electronics and it’s probably something obvious.

I did manage to build the Wav Trigger box successfully, and my SQ-1 communicates with that part fairly well, it’s just the Big Button that isn’t working.

Well - it could almost work.
the OUT 6 jack works, it triggers a sound from the wavtrigger.
the rotary switch and pots do nothing.
trigger in (the jack to the left of the rotary in my photo) responds well to the clock out of my SQ1 and can send out a pulse through OUT 6.
the clock in doesn’t seem so responsive (the jack to the right of the rotary switch)
and my DEL button turns the big LED on.

I’ve chucked up the photos here, let me know if there aren’t enough.

Just thought I’d throw it out there.

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Generally around here it’s preferred to add to an existing topic rather than start a new one for each troubleshooting request.


oh, thanks, my mistake. I’m happy for an admin to delete this thread and I’ll paste it to the end of another one.