Big Button Revision by Extralife

Just seen Extralife has done some revisions to the Big Button =) seems good!


Anybody managed to make it work? Mine is working all except the sync in (midi works well).

I havent modded mine… or built it yet, going to do that tonight =]
Literally got it in my vice ready to go.

ill add this after ive got it running tho i bet =D


Please let me know!! I have the midi part working nicely, but the Sync in is not working at all.

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well Ive built my button at least, just working on a Teensy4 Wav player today for testing =)

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You can also ask the person who published the layout yourself. I once asked him a question, he was friendly and was able to help with his answer!

Hi there,
Just compiled the script form the github page,

GitHub - matthewcieplak/hexdrum-midi: A MIDI-enabled fork of the LMNC big button

I got an error when compiling it , easy to fix (I could do it) so I am putting here in case:
Move that part of the code before the MIDI_CHANNEL assignement.

#include <Arduino.h>
#include <SoftwareSerial.h>

It now compiles fine.

This looked strange — why would moving the headers before that declaration fix anything? — so I took a look at this, I get no compilation error either way.

Ho, well that’s strange.
I get the error

error: ‘byte’ does not name a type; did you mean ‘bit’?

Hm, that’s odd. byte is defined in stddef.h, which is included by Arduino.h. I have Arduino 1.8.16 here; I suppose different IDEs or different versions might or might not automatically include stddef.h. If yours doesn’t then including Arduino.h first would indeed fix the error. But in mine it apparently is included implicitly.

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