Bespoke Synth - Inventive new open source DAW

This turned up in my news feeds yesterday (I can’t remember where, sorry); I hadn’t heard of it before but the demo video made me sit up and take notice.

It’s another one of these virtual modular programs, like VCV Rack/SunVox/Voltage Modular etc etc. Visually closer to SunVox than the skeuomorphic offerings but more polished as you can see in the video thumbnail. There’s a whole bunch of sequencers, triggers, synth engines, sample players, effects and utility modules in it and it’s very intuitive. Given its low overheads I’m wondering about running it headless on a Raspberry Pi…

Anyway - I played for an hour and love it.


I’m always pleasantly surprised when an audio app is available native for us Linux guys


I decided to get my redundant APC Mini out and create the mapping configuration to be able to use that with it. Didn’t take long, and it’s been merged into the code so will be available to all with the next version :slight_smile: