Befaco Kickall in Kosmo format

I am currently working on my Kosmo version of the Befaco Kickall.

I am looking for some feedback for the panel as I am not completely happy so far (ignore tiny stuff like label alignment for now :slight_smile: ) I am not sure how to position the very long (60mm) slide pot, but I still have some of those which I want to use :wink:
I am also thinking how I can make the accent input work with kind of gate signal that is then summed to the “default” accent. I am experimenting with non inverting summing opamp configuration in order to not need another tl072, but maybe I need to switch to inverting soon, because the inputs affecting each other makes me crazy xD


That module looks fantastic. I am very exited to try this one.

Is this a 75mm wide panel?

I don’t see a reason for the waveshape to be an XL knob, other than it looks cool. Using the same size as the other knobs would buy you some real estate. Of course, if it were me, I would use a knob over the slider.

Thanks! Yes, it’s 75mm wide, tried 50mm first, but with all the CV inputs I could not make it work. Also with how busy the main PCB is now, I think 75mm is just better: :wink:

I like that the two most important controls (shape and decay) are different from the rest, but I might think about a smaller knob for the shape… would make placement a bit easier, but on the other hand, I do have the space on the 75mm panel, so why not use it? :slight_smile:


Maybe move pitch below and make the large knob top center. You could stagger the other three in the space below.

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I just opened the BOM to see what oscillator IC it was using (3340) and see that they decided to use one of every value of resistor for this design. Almost seems like someone was challenged to see how many they could use.


:heartpulse: for the module name.


Nice one !
Just had a look at the schematic, the attack time is “set” to 1.65 ms.
Is this a more or less a default settings ? (To prevent the clicking sound I assume)

Not sure if I keep the arrows and the line around the big shape knob, but otherwise I’ll go with this, I think. Unfortunately the kerning in inkscape is not working for me, I think I want to find out what’s going on there, the “Kickall” looks a bit weird like this with the big space between c and k…

@Bppby: I guess you could change it by changing one or more of R120, R121, R123, R124, but I have no plans in that direction :slight_smile:


I often manually adjust kerning in inkscape. If you find an easier way to make it look good, please share.

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I like the waveform graphic for BigKnob UI
the arrows not so much

I like this UI layout


What do you think about a manual button for trigger? I think it’s useful at times, but so far I have not found PCB-mountable buttons that I like (apart from highly switches, but they have an LED and I already have an LED on the slider :wink: ) and none of my other drum module have a trigger button…

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definitely add a manual trigger for auditioning

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I found these switches and they seem nice, also available at a few places at least.


I’m digging it! Would love to have one for sure.


I used the led version of those C&K switches on the quantizer. They work well.


This is my plan to make the accent as a sum as an option with a jumper:

You think it could work?
(This is the bottom right of the schematic, Q8 is T3 in the original schematic)

Oh, and if someone would double check my kicad version with the official schematics, I would be really happy :slight_smile:

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Awesome. How quick can it trigger?

Looks good, how does it sound?

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