ATTENZIONE - VACCINO - Patreon builders livestream

So here is a link to the original doc, as featured in the live stream, of what Sam was trying to build

For some reason I couldn’t post it on Patreon. The comments kept ketting deleted, or my browser didn’t post them successfully, or something.

And here it is translated from Italian into English:

Yeah, it’s quite weird. And don’t take it seriously - it’s complete rubbish - but fun to see what utter nonsense they’re trying to come up with and convince people of.


Must be the Deep State.


They’re after me…


Italian isn’t a language I’m too familiar with. Most of my Italian comes from knowledge of other romance languages including classical Latin, and of course the popular Montalbano detective shows which are broadcast with English subtitles by the BBC. But this reads to my English mind like a clever satire. Could this be an instance of Poe’s Law?

Edit: the word “guadagno” in the original document seems to be an Italian translation of the English word “gain,” while Google Translate renders it back to English as “income” (in Italian it’s often used to denote wages.) Here’s an article in Italian Rolling Stone that analyses the conspiracy theory.