Befaco Out 1U build video

I finally got through the awful process of listening to me ramble on while building the Befaco Out 1U!
It’s the first time I’ve put energy into a “talky” video on my YouTube and would love to know what u think I can improve on and how.


great . I would suggest backing the camera back a little.

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TY! did you manage to get through the whole video without falling asleep?
i found it quite hard to get the video any shorter without skipping on some facts of building.

hoping the next video (Befaco Mixer) is a bit quicker pace. going to use titles and speed the video up as fast as i legibly can XD
I need to remember that im talking TO people, and not just muttering to myself XD
guess that’ll come with time talking on video. (only been on youtube for over a decade without doing any talking vids lol)

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