ASM Hydrasynth opinions

Hello people,

This guy here is a synth ive been following for a while, i think its pretty coo. I sold a lot of my hardware last year to focus on my diy modular endeavours. However, some of my friends have conveyed they wanted to jam and what with my setup being incomplete and not exactly mobile atm, i might spring for this. This of course will be sometime in the future when getting together would even be possible.

But yeah, this thing looked mighty nifty, and really flexes the capabilities of a digital polysynth. Whatcha think?

I like the one behind it.


Oh you. :slight_smile:

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That kid looks like he could be related to Steven Tyler…haha


I just really dig the accessibility of the panels on this thing.The signal chain button area in particular eliminates a lot of menu diving you usually see with digital synths like this.

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Looks like ASM is releasing an 8 voice version thats cheaper (explorer), and a bigger one with more everything (deluxe).


Seeing as how many retailers sell these cheaper than MSRP, and this is priced at 599 MSRP, i think this is well within my personal range.

This thing is def this generation’s microkorg, only its much more capable and has better layout. Seriously, this thing’s layout is fucking art.

Im the type of person that loves digital synths, but i mean this thing sounds good outside that realm too i think.


I pre-ordered an explorer a little while ago. I’ll report back when its shows up in like a month or so.