Arturia Keystep Pro 2.0 firmware update

Lots of nice new features this time around. Particularly like the new arp and chord mode features that let you record them to the sequencer. The step listen is a huge productivity jump.

Also, holy crap these things have gone up in price.

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Yeah about time I upgraded…

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Uh huh, now nearly five times what I paid for my Keystep OG. Is it worth five times as much? Moot question as far as I’m concerned, I’m not in the market for a $500 controller regardless of how good it is.

I just dont get why its gone up in price.

Components shortage? tiny

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500 now? What the heck. Maybe behringer will come to the rescue :rofl:


When it comes to stealing, Uli is always one step ahead…

The swing isnt a keystep pro, just a keystep.

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It’s okay now, they moved the buttons and knobs around!


I just checked this out because I was starting to wonder if Behringer had followed through. I mean, it’s a MIDI keyboard with a built-in sequencer, and Bax Music UK lists it for £73 (which includes 20% VAT.) While Bax do list Arturia’s original Keystep for £99, it’s officially out of stock and anyway they’ll deliver a Keystep 37 in 2 working days for just £10 more. The difference is worth it for a full three-octave span, in my opinion. At this level I assume the market is keenly price-sensitive so this kind of competition makes good commercial sense. Behringer sells lots of similarly low-cost semi-modular synths like Neutron and Crave so they can obviously gain by harvesting the point-of-sale opportunities those products generate. It’s like a flat screen TV company producing its own branded sound bar. The same commercial justification applies.

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