A modular synth... game?

Neat. I wonder if it will have mod support.


I was hoping it was zachtronics. It isn’t, but still looks interesting! With mod support, you mean modulation support? (:


I take it the idea is to try and match a waveform?

All my friends thought I would be excited about this, but I really don’t get it.

Anyone who’s watched me should know; Modular synthesizers already are a game.


A Zachtronics modular game would have you build modules out of basic components.

This would also be the best thing

That said, this is very much similar to one, and a great idea that looks very well implemented.

I bet getting good at this game would not only help people make patches, but do so with a particular signal output in mind.

With a deeply distopian storyline woven into it…

Wait, wasn’t that exactly one of his first games?


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