1113 Performance Filter

I think, to some extent, the Grr filter has superseded it.

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The filter GRR is absolutely a wonderful filter option


Get all the filters. An MS20 style, the GRR, a transistor ladder, an ARP clone… Get like five of each. Send half to me.


i do have a filter grr and i love it, but i just like the simple sound of the ms20, i suppose i could strip-board one actually, i would just need some help adding the 3 inputs and the 3cv controls like the v1 as im not a massive stripboard…connoisseur

ive got the dual bandpass in the works at the moment


hey I see what you mean. to be honest I saw the 1114 grrr as the lgical next step. the thing is that 1113 did what It was supposed to do, its big and empty for the sole purpose that it is one of the most commonly twisted knob. so loads of space around it. that was the point of the module :slight_smile:

the whole purpose of the project was to make my kosmo synth more reliable thats what it stemmed from, and that synth has a big bass filter module, with space around it when the rest of the modules were comparatively more cramped. if it was updated I think the sparseness would indeed stay… but mean a dual filter could be cool. but it would not be the same


There’s absolutely stripboard layouts for your own ms20 style filter.

Here is a thread for troubleshooting the layout which includes other threads for discussion.

And here is one for the stripboard layout with high pass.

That being said, I personally would rather have the performance filter than my diy one, but that’s the joy of diy.


It seems like a pretty simple circuit- I bet you could squeeze it into a 5cm kosmo panel if you stripped it down to bare bones.

That’s pretty much exactly what my Barton filter is. Core’s not identical to the 1113 but very close.


That’s fair. I’m set to build 2x1113 and 2x1114. I’ll continue on that. 2x1113 is just going to give it dat booty. Maybe make a Moog clone and an ARP clone? I prefer a PCB to a stripboard.

-Fumu / Esopus


if you are going to do strip board filters you have to check out Eddy’s site , he has several with good instructions on how to do them .


Still one of the modules I never got working right. Must have another look.


The module I cut my teeth on :joy:. First build I did since I was a kid. I ended up charring one, ordered a second one, then got better and fixed the first one as well, so now I have two!


I always thought it’d be cool to have an upgraded 1113 v2 Performance Filter in the iconic 20cm format released along side a new 5 or 10cm Filter Mini to compliment it.

More mini modules, yeah!! :smiley:


yeah! well I have a bunch of modules coming all at once it seems in the next few weeks. I cant promise owt as after that I think im going to hit the modular poly module. but! you are right. likely a dedicated hp into a lp on a 20x20cm board!!! was always the plan, but gosh 2 hands haha I wish I had more hahaha but don’t we all!!!@ :smiley:


i hate to pester but do you have any 1113’s left or was that defo the last lot? i dont even mind if you have just the pcbs spare

The PCB file is on the Patreon Dropbox so you could have some fabbed for yourself.


I have a fair few B stocks also. if you fire over a contact form on the look mum website I could also do it that way. up to you@!


Ill see what the money i have and then ill fling u an email :slight_smile: honestly just the pcb will do as ive got some pink panels spare to match


Just fired over an email on the site, hope it all goes smooth :)))

yes it works I do that too, and and always prepare for obstacles of stuff

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