100% order delays?

Hello everyone,

Still a very silent member here but reading much of the threads.

Anyhow: does anyone else experience huge delays with stuff ordered from 100%?
Took a few modules form Sam’s shop on 15th of February… now it is 2 months from then and hey, I’m in Germany, not that far. Parts came from Ali-express faster :rofl:

They answered my emails 2 weeks ago, said to wait 2 weeks, now asked me again to wait 2 more weeks.

I’m curious if it is just me or a general problem with 100% right now and eventually the parcel will appear.


My latest order took 10 days to Europe, so at least some deliveries are working. Deutsche Post mentions erheblichen Verzögerungen for deliveries from abroad, though, so maybe it’s stuck in some post-brexit covid customs warehouse.


I lost my 1st Fart box pcb on 2/21/20 and never could get correct info from US post, UK post on its whereabouts. They (100%), should re-send new stuff , to keep good faith with you and felow customers .

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Yeah and don’t bother paying for tracked shipping, it’s usually even slower to leave UK. Only had one issue besides that and they made it right. But it’s amazing how I can order parts from Taiwan a week after and still get them before the modules turn up :rofl:

Never had to wait 2 months though! It probably got lost


And so it never arrived and also you were not refunded?

Sam LMNC sent me a replacement and vca pcb to help smooth things over.


hey @Amix9 fire us a dm i will try and figure it out. 2 months is a while!

definitely will get your stuff, we aren’t con artists ha. 95% of the time its nice and streamlined and no problems.

only the odd one gets lost, and yes usually by the end of it I need to sort it out. it depends what you ordered, they have a habit of not telling me the issue posts and wait for me to send replacement please fire me a DM on the forum.


Hey @lookmumnocomputer ,

Don’t worry I never put this up as a brag about scamming from your part. Was wondering if it happened to others with 100%.

There were a few more emails between me and them- so I considered to wait a little bit more. They said (when I asked whats my customer protection :rofl:) that in that day ~It seems your order was manifested to return to us ~ ,asked if I send it back :triumph:… and in the end asked me to wait again so that they get an answer for why is it coming back.

Silence since then, but just sent them another email to see if they figured it out and I can get it sorted out.
Lets wait a bit more Sam, then we see if it needs your intervention. Really appreciate it a lot tho! Thnx!

And its good you have a service doing this - you got all that great stuff goin on that takes way much time anyhow!

Just a update so others don’t worry about their orders.

They resent it to me figuring out it was customs keeping & not sending it. Parcel finally arrived 3 days ago.
Time to solder !


YAY! Be sure to post the results or if you have any issues with your build!

UK wise… 100% have been 100% and I have orderd all the modules both the album releases. etc…

In the UK no problem at all with them personally. All PCBs arrived super fast, 2/3 days, I was pretty impressed with it actually!

hey veery glad to hear!! yeah I have a had a couple of scary instances this past couple of months with customs, thisbrexit thing has added different red tape, however it seems to just get delayed not lost anything yet! funnily enough I ordered 2 things from a European supplier, and the thing I ordered the second day turned up 2 weeks later but the one I ordered the first day turned up 2 weeks after that! I thought it was lost. luckily I had time to cancel the replacement they sent me as the original had arrived. glad it turned up!@