XVA1 User Interface build progress

here’s my completed and expanded build, controlled by a Teensy 3.6


This… I really was looking on the table, in between the tools, where the synth was. That’s impressive. Do the controls of the CME ( pitch bend, mod wheel…) also send data to the XVA? I repeat. I’m impressed!

Hi, yes the CME has an internal MIDI and power cable as well as the external MIDI, so I fed these into my controller along with a MIDI in to allow the XVA1 to be accessed as a module, so all information of the CME is passed onto the XVA1, so the 8 sliders can be used a the MIDI parameter controllers 1-8, volume slider works, pitch, mod wheel etc. The rotary controls also work for panning etc. the patch changer tells the XVA1 editor to load the next patch. Also I’ve set the shortcut buttons to be program up and progam down by interpreting two unused controller values to be up and down prgram changes. It does mean that tha XVA1 patch number can become out of sync with the CME program change but thats the only downside. Keyboard, velocity and aftertouch are also passed through to the XVA1.

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You have my respect. Do you happen to have a product design background?

Here is our setup.
The MPC Live is used by me almost exclusively. I have a couple of weeks to explore XFM2/XVA for sound design. You’ve given me the idea to look for the Midi page within the MPC.
As I read the XVA manual, it seems possible to map all the CCs to the corresponding ones on the MPC. Is it then possible to work with it without using the spreadsheet?

Here’s the MIDI-Program page. 8 Tabs, 16 Parameters on each.
As of right now, I’m still waiting for my XFM2/XVA1 parts to arrive. I hope you are enjoying it. Can you tell how Bugfree/Stable it is? I decided against a Digitone and a Mother32.
I hope I won’t be the next “cheap gear joke”…


Not at all, in fact design is probably one of my weak points, I tend to wing it and hope for the best.


You can only map 8 CC’s to the XVA1 and some of the more comon ones are accepted, to eit the XVA1 you must use the serial interface or SYSEX commans over MID. It would be impossible to map all 512 paramters of the XVA1 to a controller over CC because of the 127 limit of CC numbers and the 127 limit of values, if NRPN was implemented then you could get past this limit as have full editing of the XVA1 over NRPN, but the designer chose to use SYSEX commands, which are simple enough buyt the sending device needs to be able to send sysex from sliders and switches etc,

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This is my eitor for the XFM2 synthesizer, the FM older brother of the XVA1, again built into a CME UF-70.


i’m still drooling over this synth and the possibilities, but the current form is a showstopper unfortunately. really hope someone with some fab/product dev abilities finds this thing and does a kickstarter for a dedicated interface. wrong site to express my developmental ineptitude i know, but sadly free time is not on my side in the next few years.

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That style of illuminated button never goes out of style.

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I had never programmed anything two years ago when I started working with Teensy SOCs. I had an idea of what I wanted to achieve and then went from there. So much internet help etc around to build great projects.

wow… This looks very good.

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