Where can I find a capacitor kit?

hey everyone ?

i’m new to that diy things, never built one actually to be honest !

i’m planning to buy everything for january, just to have the right time to plane everythings ! (btw my birthday is on that month, that’s an other reason ! )

to build everything i have to buy some capacitor (no shit sherlock), the easier way is to buy a kit with every values that are commonly used (basically a lot of values in nf, ceramic capacitor).

do you know a kit i can buy on amazon or ebay ?

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Most kits have a bunch of values you’ll almost never use. On the other hand there are values you’ll use a lot of, more than are in one kit.

My suggestion is to go through the BOMs for the modules you want to build, see what caps (values and types) they use and tally them up, then compare that list with any kits you may be looking at. After which you may just decide to forego the kit and just get the specifice values you need. Buy extras because you’ll probably need extras here and there and the rest of the extras will probably be useful for future projects.

Not saying don’t buy a kit, but don’t rely on kits as the only way you get capacitors.

For sure you will want a lot of 100 nF ceramic and 10 µF electrolytic.

Where are you located? That’ll affect purchase recommendations.


thanks for the answer !

i’m from france

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Salut @ toi :wink:

relatively the same question here about kit, so some info on the most used components in this thread (with a list from @sebastian )

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salut !
on avais déjà échangé et j’avais vu âpres coup que tu était français !
(we already talk and i’ve discoverd after it that you were french)


my approach is usually to buy a kit (holds for components, but also eg drill bits), see which ones come to most use, then buy more of these. That way, whenever I need an odd one, I probably have it.


Like above, kits will often have a lot of values you will not often use.

If you want a convenient way to stock up, velleman has an e3 series ceramic capacitor kit.
There will be a lot less values than an e12 kit for instance and i have gotten a lot of use out of it :slight_smile:
They are great for power supply decoupling of ICs, and are also good to parallel with electrolytics to improve high frequency filtering.

I KNOW ceramic capacitors are not supposed to be for audio, but often it sounds just fine, and you’ll be supprised how often there are ceramic capacitors in the signal path of commercial products (i repair and mod guitar amplifiers and other audio equipment). It’s probably a hi-fi thing. We tend to like nasty sounds here anyway :slight_smile:

Just make sure you will not pay more than 10 euros for the kit, i’ve seen them for as low as 6.


Depends on the ceramic, and you probably won’t find anything else below 1 nF. Also depends on what they’re being used for: No point in anything else for bypass capacitors. For 1 nF - 1 uF stuff in the signal path I like to use film, but agree a good quality ceramic is likely to do fine.