The Synth voice video and Grrr module

I was going through the relatively recent video on making a synth voice. I am having a little trouble with it. Mostly the two transistors that do voltage/current conversions. I had the VCO, noise, and even the mixing working.

Once I approached the transconductance amp part I ran into a few problems. It would almost work with my fingers near the two transistors. The second problem is I could not find the schematic mentioned “Grrr.” Lastly I also noticed a very short blank screan in the video. Not complaining. I suck at video editing myself.

I would like a point in the direction. Thanks!

Side Note:
Changed my Patreon name to Lily Fathom to fit my pending trademark/business. Not sure how or if I need to fix it here as well. Lastly is the good news. Previously I had neighbor issues. I moved into a house. The past year I was setting up my craft. Lab, shop, and even an art room. I am back into music synthesizers.

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I found the page.

I am going to try again tomorrow. Plus I will do an official update tomorrow on the Lily Molly duo synth.