Synchronicity never gets old

The craziest thing just happened. I was testing a new module and I hooked it up to my drum machine to test the timing on it. I was listening to music while I was doing it. When I pushed the play button on my drum machine the beat was synced up to the song I was listening to but it wasn’t synced up to the same time. for every five beats of the track I was listening to my drum machine would hit four beats. Exactly five beats for every four beats it did this for 5 minutes. I just stared at my machine. it was super cool…


Now compose and record it…


Yeah right! I’ll be able to publish the instructions for producing synchronicity afterwards… I wish I had been recording video at least. it was cool. I was just using the drum machine to clock a blinking light on a envelope generator I built on breadboard. I just wanted to observe the light there was no sound at all. I was listening to some random minimalist techno on Pandora it was probably Boris brecha. The lights were hitting though. It was dope.