Stripboard maker software

At the moment I have no money, so no order, no solder so no construction ! , but I have that in mind all days, and I continue in my head and with research my preparations for future modules.
I make some adaptation from schematic to a stripboard format on paper like this

II think that if i could clean it up with a software, once verified it would be usable to share (with my disgusting paper everything is not understandable :grin: )

What do you use please (free / open source off course)


Played with fritzing but DIYLC is better.
Keep doing the paper though.
You could always make an art project or Decoupage a case :smiley:


yes thx i doesn’t found it ! in a new thread it will be better to find link

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On a side note funny thing is that it is even cheaper to create and order stripboard from JLCPCB than to buy it from a supplier. In your place I would start to design my boards in kicad and then order all of them when you get the resources. You can create a stripboard design in kicad.


Here’s what I’ve done


I’d love an easyEDA version of that.

Thanks to all, i just put DIY Layout creator in my PC, good and very simple !!!

just there is no jack socket icon or i don’t find it ?



I did that! Will have to dig it up.

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There seems to be a few if you search for “protoboard”

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I wonder why this method is not used much more often. I think they are brilliant!

Besides, can someone explain why there is a 15k resistor between + 5V and -12v?
Right there where the Eurorack plug belongs?
Found it here:

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There are xs on the +5V pins of the header, which I take to mean they’re not connected, so that strip is being used for another purpose (connecting the resistor from -12V to the LED). But why not just use a 2x5 header? Also, all 6 header ground pins should be connected to ground (which would require some strip cuts).

Speaking of strip cuts, aren’t there any? I mean, there must be some under the op amp, which they oddly have not shown. None elsewhere?


Quickly looking over it it seems to be voltage divider to give you -5V to power TL072.
Correct me someone if i’m wrong.
EDIT: Yeah I overlooked it and made up something completely stupid.

Many thanks. These looks great.

THOGRE you Dumbass :slight_smile:

Yes, I didn’t look properly again. But I didn’t see any other.
But the idea itself is great!

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thx i’ve just find it

Here’s my first test with DIY Layout creator : a DUAL CV GATE DELAY : “BALTER” by Nonlinear Circuits

advice and remarks are welcome :slightly_smiling_face:


Now start on the book :slight_smile:

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